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Certificate Course on Intellectual Property Law 

Price: 1250 INR Early bird discounts of 10% valid, 

if enrolled before Nov 30, Coupon : IP10

About ShikshaMaitri?

Shiksha Maitri (A product of ISERDIndia Analytics)  is an attempt in achieving wisdom through self- reliance, with an objective of making education a self- realization and a fundamental means in achieving the full human potential; with a primary objective to achieve social and economic mobility, inclusion and equality, initiatives must be taken to transform the current learning ecosystem of the country where much of the focus is on preparing a mindset for clearing examinations rather than enabling a learning module from early stage to the higher levels of education.

For our various courses and webinar workshops, we have partnered with experts from top universities, law firms, patent and Trademark agents, IP heads from top MNC's and many more.

Contents of the Course 


  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • IP is all around us
  • Justifying rights in IP
  • Theories justifying IPRs
  • Development of the International Law on IP


  • Introduction to Copyright
  • The idea expression Dichotomy
  • What all is protected under Copyright?
  • Different doctrines providing eligibility for copyright protection 
  • Who holds the Copyright in different type of works?
  • Rights of a Copyright Holder
  • What is Copyright Infringement and its types?
  • How to determine Infringement?
  • Exceptions to infringement
  • Expiration of Copyright


  • What are Patents?
  • What are the benefits of a Patent Protection?
  • What can be Patented?
  • What is not Patentable? 
  • How to obtain a Patent?
  • Types of Patent Application 
  • Patent Registration Process in India 
  • Rights of a Patentee
  • Exceptions to Exclusive Rights: Compulsory Licensing


  • What are Trademarks?
  • Why are Trademarks Intellectual Property?
  • Types of Trademarks
  • How are trademarks beneficial? 
  • Is registering trademarks compulsory? 
  • Nice Classification 
  • Vienna Code classification
  • What kind of trademarks can be registered? 
  • Grounds for refusal of trademark in India
  • Rights conferred by registration


  • Introduction to Geographical Indications
  • Need to protect GI 
  • Examples of GI’s 
  • Appellations of Origin  (AOI) 
  • International legal framework for protecting GI
  • How to protect a Geographical Indication?


  • Introduction to Industrial Designs 
  • Why protect Designs?
  • Getting a Design registered
  • International registration of Designs
  • Overlap of Design and Copyright
  • How to decide the correct mode of Protection 
  • Overlap between Designs and Trademarks

Who is this course for?

The program is designed for IP Professionals, students, academicians,  IP Managers, Attorneys, Innovation Officers, Intellectual Property Directors, Entrepreneurs, startups, Inventors, Researchers, Paralegals, Trainees in Research/Technology Organization.


Anupriya Shyam

Senior IP Course Facilitator 



  • An e-certificate will be provided ISERDIndia Analytics on successful completion of the course. 
  • Early bird discounts of 10% valid, if enrolled before Nov 30, Coupon : IP10
  • Refund Policy: As applicable, no refunds will be made post one week to the start of the batch code.